Clackamas Sheriff's K9 recovers from heroin exposure, receives new Narcan kit

A donated Narcan kit for K9s came in handy after a Clackamas County Sheriff's drug-detection dog ran afoul of some contraband in the local jail.

The kit saved K9 Abbie’s life after she ingested some heroin during a jail cell search. She started showing symptoms like rapid head shaking, excessive saliva, and rapid blinking.

Fortunately, K9 Grimm’s handler, Deputy McGlothin, had a Narcan kid specifically for dogs. He brought it to the jail.

K9 Abbie has since made a full recovery, and is already back at work.

Both Abbie and Grimm now each have their own kit after the group “K9s of Valor” donated Narcan kits to their handler officers.